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The Artist

........... Escape

Escape from society

Escape from expectations

Escape from achievements

Escape from the notion of being someone 


In this escape, I seek solitude. Sitting under the tree in a remote village I see life.


Gentle passing of the wind and the leaves dancing on its tune, streams flowing down the mountain pass and forming a small canal, the sun playing hide & seek through the floating cloud; I lose track of the day. Waking up to some noises, I see the children playing carelessly and their parents harvesting while the sun is casting a long shadow at its golden hour. Looking up at the sky I see birds returning in flocks creating a silhouette against the red horizon. 

As dark falls, silence prevails throughout the valley except for the sound of crickets whose musical symphony reaches every corner. With the night entering its darkest hours, the sky becomes a live theatre with infinite characters of stars and its theatrical performance. 


Lying down on an open roof as I breathe in, I touch the wonders of life and while breathing out, I thank life. 

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